Kuber Business Consultants Ltd.

your profit and growth experts

Kuber Business Consultants (KBC) is a consulting services firm specializing in helping owners grow their businesses and maximize their bottom line. With years of senior executive positions under their belt, KBC consultants provide their knowledge and expertise to small business owners with companies from start-up to 100 employees and up to $100 million in revenue. 

The finance and accounting function has evolved considerably in the last few years. It has moved away from basic bookkeeping and recording of transactions. Many entrepreneurs struggle with the question, “What do I do with my financial statements?”, “How can I use them to make decisions regarding business growth?”  KBC provides the financial solutions, without the associated costs, required to grow in this competitive environment. We will do an extensive financial analysis of your business, breaking down the financial statements and interpreting them for you so that you can make an informed decision about your cash flow and fiscal health of the business. You don’t need to hire an expensive, full-time qualified staff when you can have a cost-effective solution of using KBC.

Tax is a highly technical area and many small business owners are at loss on how to pro-actively manage this complicated function, resulting in overpayment of taxes due to poor tax planning or penalties for insufficient payment. Our team of tax experts will provide strategic tax planning services and assist you filing year-end tax returns. We assist you on compilations, Reviews and Audits, walking with you all the way so you don’t feel left out in the dark.

We have partnered with highly experienced IT consultants; to advise business owners and senior management staff on business processes; provide customized IT solutions and create web applications to bring efficiencies in your business operations.

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